Choosing Dog-Safe Decorative Mulches For Landscaping Public Parks

Posted on: 22 November 2019

Expertly landscaping a public park requires a wide range of materials, but mulch is probably one of the most important. A protective layer of mulch applied to patches of bare earth will protect young plants, prevent soil erosion and help the soil retain moisture during the drier parts of the year. However, while residential gardeners can get away with using unsightly mulching materials like newspaper or straw, landscapers working on public or commercial parks generally stick to more aesthetically pleasing decorative mulches. [Read More]

Why a Garden Bin Hire Makes a Lot of Sense

Posted on: 12 November 2015

So you chopped down that big, old tree that was about to fall and you need to get it off your lawn, or you want to do some serious landscaping so you've cleared out all the bushes and palm fronds the previous homeowner put in, and you want them removed. Even if you have a pickup truck, it will take you several trips and a lot of wasted time to clear out all that green waste. [Read More]

Three Material Options for Synthetic Turf

Posted on: 21 October 2015

The lawn is an important element in the residential landscape. Therefore, you should evaluate the options if you are planning on installing fresh turf. You can choose natural grass because it has authentic appeal and adds to the home value. On the other hand, you can install artificial turf which has diverse advantages for modern homeowners. The material is low-maintenance; it does not require watering, fertilising or mowing. You will only need to remove the debris on the surface and wash the blades periodically. [Read More]

Types of Hydroponic Systems For First Timers

Posted on: 21 September 2015

Gardening is both a hobby and an art form, and those who have been at it for awhile understand that incorporating new methods helps you achieve better results. If you've decided to test your green thumb, you may want to consider using hydroponics as you start out. Hydroponics is a process in which you cultivate plants without using soil of any kind. Here are the types of hydroponics that are most common to know before heading out to the hydroponic store. [Read More]