Why a Garden Bin Hire Makes a Lot of Sense

Posted on: 12 November 2015

So you chopped down that big, old tree that was about to fall and you need to get it off your lawn, or you want to do some serious landscaping so you've cleared out all the bushes and palm fronds the previous homeowner put in, and you want them removed. Even if you have a pickup truck, it will take you several trips and a lot of wasted time to clear out all that green waste. You need to hire a garden skip bin.

Not like other skip bins

Unlike other skip bins, garden skip bins are designed to handle only green waste from the garden, hence the name. The aim here is to recycle as much of it as possible into mulch that can then be used to improve the soil around plants, protect their roots, and prevent weeds from growing.

So if you want all that garden waste cleared out, there are three good reasons why hiring a garden skip bin is the best option for you:

Three good reasons


Since garden skip bins are quite large, you can get all your garden waste off your property in a short amount of time. This way, you also won't have to make numerous trips to the dumping or recycling site in your pickup truck to clear out your space.


Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, and by hiring a garden skip bin, you are taking that responsibility. Skip bin companies have a working partnership with and access to recycling centers, so you will be sure that your waste will be repurposed rather than leave a carbon footprint by simply being burned.

In addition, this repurposing can result in further conservation of natural resources. For instance, the mulch produced from garden waste can be used to retain soil moisture around plants, which helps to conserve excess water that can be used to sustain the plants in warmer seasons.

Further, since these large trucks carry larger amounts of the waste out when compared with a pick-up truck, there are less carbon emissions during the transportation of the waste as fewer trips are being made back and forth.


Hiring a garden skip truck can be a community affair, which will make it cheaper for everyone involved. Several households can do their garden work around the same time and one truck can come collecting all the waste from these homes.

It is great for the neighborhood, since no one will have an excuse to illegally dump their garden waste, leaving the area looking clean and tidy.