Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Ride-On Mower

Posted on: 9 December 2020

A riding lawnmower is very useful when it comes to maintaining an expansive yard. Some mowers work by pushing them across your yard as you cut the grass. However, with ride-on mowers, all you have to do is to sit and steer to wherever you need to go.

Buying ride-on lawnmowers is quite a sizeable investment, and therefore, it makes sense first to take time and think about what you're getting. As there are numerous options to choose from, this article aims to give you better insight when it comes to purchasing a new mower for your yard.

The Zero-Turn Feature

With zero-turn ride-on mowers, you benefit from top-notch manoeuvrability as you move around obstacles such as shrubs, trees and other lawn components. This is achieved by the mower's compact turning radius executed by the wheels. The only limitation would be when climbing up a steep section.

In such a case, zero-turn ride-on mowers take sharper corners, something that inhibits manoeuvrability. This type of mower allows you to keep a striped lawn, especially if the terrain is uniform and bump-free. It is also well suited for use in an extensive yard, offering you a very impressive finish.

Petrol or Diesel Engine

The main difference between a petrol and a diesel engine all comes down to cost and torque. Essentially, diesel engine ride-on mowers have lower operational costs and a much higher torque intensity. They are best suited for contractors and other professionals who have to keep them running for long periods.

A higher torque is advantageous when it comes to cutting grass. The speeds of the blades maintain a high speed that is necessary for effective cutting of grass. It also minimises the effects of engine degradation, but that comes down to what you're using the mower to do. In comparison, petrol ride-on mowers come at lower prices and torque intensities, but their operating costs are much higher.

Extra Features

Adding extra features to ride-on mowers ultimately increases their cost, but it might help considering what they bring to the table. A good example would be a mulching blade for the ride-on lawnmowers. It works by restoring the cut grass on the yard, which doubles as fertilizer.

This feature eliminates the need to keep collecting clippings as you would with standard ride-on lawnmowers. There are also side bag and rear bag ride-on lawnmowers with a variation in how they go around obstacles in your lawn. The rear bag mower is better for moving through compact spaces.

For more information, contact a local ride-on lawnmower supplier.