Investing in a greener ride on lawn mower

Posted on: 10 September 2015

If you are lucky enough to own a large property with a big lawn, chances are you'll be looking to invest in a ride on lawn mower. After all, mowing a large property by hand can be back breaking work that sucks away the hours. Traditionally these mowers have been petrol driven, but as with so many things recently fully electric mowers have started to make their way into the market, with a wealth of advantages over petrol ones.

Lower Emissions

Running a petrol ride on lawn mower for half an hour is the equivalent to driving 20 miles. That is a huge amount of petrol to be using up just to mow the lawn. Using an electric mower completely cuts out the use of petrol, so it significantly lowers your emissions. After all, if you want to keep a nice lawn it is a good idea to make sure you are looking after Mother Nature at the same time.

Lower running costs

Petrol engines can be expensive to keep running. A ride on lawn mower is essentially a very small car. Not only do you have to think about petrol, but there is engine oil, filters and the belt that you have to worry about maintaining and replacing. By using a battery operated mower you don't need to worry about these upkeep costs anymore. This is going to leave you with some extra cash each month that you can go out and spend on something different for your garden.


Electric lawn mowers require far less upkeep and maintenance: you just have to make sure you plug it in after using it each time! No more messing about fiddling with greasy engine parts, no more having to keep some petrol handy at home all the time and no more time spent trying to be an amateur mechanic. Battery mowers are much easier to work on, meaning you can spend less time on the upkeep of your equipment and more time on the upkeep of your garden.

Noise pollution

Having a running engine trundling around your garden can cause a major noise annoyance. It isn't just your own ears that have to put up with it--think about your neighbours and the surrounding wildlife. All that noise pollution can be a real problem, disturbing all those around you. On top of this, nothing ruins the smell of freshly cut grass better than the smell of a petrol engine. Much better to have a silent, battery powered engine that isn't burning a fuel meaning you don't have to worry about any unpleasant smells ruining your enjoyment of your freshly cut lawn.